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The Baby Grand Gift Package

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Give the gift of memories! Specify a recipient and delivery date upon checkout, and we'll deliver one lovely voucher redeemable for a Baby Grand. If you'd like, you can also print out the voucher and hand deliver it yourself! 

The Baby Grand Gift Package can be redeemed at any time within one year of purchase.

See additional info for more about our Baby Grand Video packages.

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Additional Info

About the Baby Grand

It's time to rethink that baby book -- Imagine five...ten...twenty years from now, sitting with your family, pulling up your baby's most precious moments, in HD, at the touch of a button. No more digging around for DVDs, or sifting through five minutes of raw footage waiting for that one laugh - let us make it easy to find your memories.

We'll sift through all your media, find the best moments, set them to music and produce a three minute Netflix-quality home video. If your child is older, or you'd like to celebrate another event, our Milestones should be just what you're looking for.

Our Baby Grand Video comes in three variants: Lite, Standard and Deluxe. All packages include the same, above-and-beyond creativity in the final video edit. They only differ in the amount of media you provide to us.

Lite & Standard: Perfect for parents that either don't have much media, or are willing to sort through their media and find the best pics and clips themselves. After purchase, you can provide us with up to with any amount of media up to the cap (40 files/finished minute with Lite, 100 files/finished minute with Standard), which we will weave together with a magic touch. 

Deluxe: For those of us with lots of media and little time: just throw us the kitchen sink. Don't worry about having to decide which clips of your little one make the cut. Upload all the files you'd like to us, pictures and videos. We'll sift through, find the absolute best moments, and surprise you with a narrative of your baby's first years from the files we dig up. Less hassle for you!

You can always upgrade to a higher package any time after purchase, no problem.

How does it work?

All you have to do is upload your media to a link we'll provide after purchase. You can tell us anything special you would like to include through phone, during checkout, or email ( Leave the rest up to us!

If you are curious what your Baby Grand will look like, see one for yourself here or check out below.

Please see the FAQ in Additional Info if you have any questions!

Curious to see what a GrandVideo looks like? Check out sample Baby Grand's below!


General Concerns:

Q: What if my baby is a toddler now? Does age matter?

A: Not at all! We're happy to edit any of the videos you have. Just include any special requests in the form at checkout.

Q: My media and my child are a little private to me. Are you going to share this?

A: We do not share any of your footage or finished video. Footage is only viewed by the editor in charge of the video. If we would like to share your video for promotional purposes, we will contact you directly!  

Upload Process

Q: How do I get my media to you?

A: We offer several options. First, we'll send you a private upload link for all your files. Second, you can also share an album with us on a website where you already have the files (Facebook, Flickr, iCloud). Last, we can always send you a flash drive by mail if you have a lot of media, or if you have unreliable internet. We'll make it work!

Q: I have a LOT of media. Do I have to sift through and find the best stuff for you?

A: Not at all! If you buy our Deluxe package, we'll do all the sifting for you. Our Lite and Standard packages cap the amount of media you can upload, but we will still search through that media and find the best moments.

Editing and Revisions

Q: I have a LOT of media. Will you be able to include all of it?

A: While we review all of your media, we only select the perfect pictures and clips (so you don't have to) to compile into a short summary video. We believe the best videos for sharing are short and sweet. For those with a lot of media, check out our Baby Grand Custom Length video.

Q: What if I have a few changes to suggest after receiving the video?

A: We're happy to make minor changes following delivery of the finished video. We want to get it just right.

Q: How do I receive the final product?

A: We'll provide a private, streaming link to a Dropbox-hosted video. From there, you can either share the Dropbox link directly, or you can download the video and share however you'd like (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc). We provide DVDs upon request.