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Custom USB Folio Gift Package

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This beautiful gift package gives your digital memories a presentable, gift-able hard copy form.

Your recipient receives a blank USB flash drive onto which they can transfer their raw files, along with a prepaid return envelope to GrandVideo for us to begin editing. No file upload necessary.

We'll work with your loved ones from there to create the perfect video keepsake with our creative video editing team.

When we complete the video, we'll place the finished video on the same flash drive and return it to your loved ones, and they can place it back inside the folio.

Note, for the time being, we are only offering this gift package in the featured color (Sand). You can select the color of the bow on checkout.


Here's what's included in our USB Gift Package:

1) Custom, handcrafted USB folio.

2) Blank 8 GB flash drive. 

3) Stamped return envelope to GrandVideo.

4) A custom video of the length of your choice below.

5) Crafted cardboard gift box (in lieu of wrapping paper).

Please allow two weeks for shipping

Package & Video Length:
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Q) Does the gift package have the same file limitations of Lite, Standard, and Deluxe as seen in your other offerings? 

A) No, the 8GB flash drive allows for a generous amount of raw files akin to a Deluxe video. It will fit ~ 60 minutes of HD video, or several thousand high quality photos (about 5000 iPhone images, or 1000 DSLR images).