GrandVideo Privacy Promise

Here at GrandVideo, our goal is to give you and your family a timeless video keepsake. In doing so, we also want to make sure that we deal with your intimate family media responsibly and securely.

Upon ordering a GrandVideo, you will receive a private Dropbox link to which you may upload your media files. This link is not shared to or viewable by anyone but GrandVideo and you, and we keep it that way.

After the editing process is finished and we've made your video just right, we delete all source files originally provided to us so that they only belong to you again. We do not retain any rights to your source files, and we will not use them in any way unless we explicitly reach out to you and ask for permission.

We do, however, keep the finished copy of your video with us on our private, secure Dropbox account, not visible to anyone but GrandVideo. We only retain this copy so that, in the event that you misplace your delivered file, we can redeliver it do you and it's not gone forever!

We will not publicly share any portion of your finished video in any way without your explicit consent, which we will occasionally ask directly through email.

Lastly, we are a small shop here at GrandVideo, and mostly all videos are edited by me, Chris. Any additional editing help will be performed by a single editor that is thoroughly vetted and legally obligated to uphold the GrandVideo privacy promise written above. Their biographies, work experience, and profile will be publicly available online should you have any concern with who sees your family media.

Should you have any concerns with the above, email 


Chris Severn

Founder at GVSF