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What if you took all that media of people you love and let us turn it into something special? Our Milestones video is a gift your family will never expect.

Whether it's a special birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, vacation, or a family reunion, we'll take your media and turn it into a timeless family keepsake. Not sure if this is for you? See what our clients are saying! The moment you click Purchase, we are wholly dedicated to producing you the perfect video keepsake.

Our Milestones Video comes in two variants: Standard and Deluxe. Both packages include the same, above-and-beyond creativity in the final video edit. They only differ in the amount of media you provide to us (Standard: 100 files/finished minute, Deluxe: Unlimited!)

We know you'll love your video. But just for peace of mind - all services come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Package & Video Length:

Additional Info

How it Works

All you have to do is upload your media to a link we'll provide after purchase. At that point, we'll ask you everything we need to know to make you the perfect video. You can tell us anything special you need via phone or email ( following check out. Leave the rest up to us!

If you are curious what your Milestone video will look like, take a look at any of our family videos posted to Vimeo here.

Our featured Milestone video runs at a length of 3 minutes (we'll always hit 3 if you provide enough media). If that's not long enough for you, we provide options at 4 and 6 minutes as well!

Please see the FAQ in Additional Info if you have any questions!

General Concerns:

Q: What if my occasion isn't listed above?

A: Don't worry! We have experience editing media for any occasion - weddings, birthdays, baptisms, graduations, you name it. Upon checkout, you'll be able to talk directly with us to let us know exactly what you want.

Q: My media is a little private to me. Are you going to share this?

A: We do not share any of your footage or finished video. Footage is only viewed by the editor in charge of the video. If we would like to share your video for promotional purposes, we will contact you directly!  

Upload Process

Q: How do I get my media to you?

A: We offer several options. First, we'll send you a private upload link for all your files. Second, you can also share an album with us on a website where you already have the files (Facebook, Flickr, iCloud). Last, we can always send you a flash drive by mail if you have a lot of media, or if you have unreliable internet. We'll make it work!

Q: I have a LOT of media. Do I have to sift through and find the best stuff for you?

A: Not at all! If you purchase our Deluxe package, give us all you've got, we'll do the sifting, and you go back to relaxing with your family.

Q: I'm going to buy the Deluxe package, but I have a LOT of media. Will you be able to include all of it?

A: We spend time sifting through your media to find the best clips and photos for your finished product. Most of the time, that means we can't use all the media you provide us. We believe that the best videos don't drag on too long - they leave us wanting more!

Editing and Revisions

Q: What if I have a few changes to suggest after receiving the video?

A: We're happy to make minor changes following delivery of the finished video. We want to get it just right.

Q: How do I receive the final product?

A: We'll provide a private streaming link to a Dropbox-hosted video. From there, you can either share the Dropbox link directly, or you can download the video and share however you'd like. We provide DVDs upon request.