Up to 20 source videos and 100 photos.

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Video Details

All of our montages run 4 minutes in length. We find this is the sweet spot for attention spans and online sharing. We're happy to add on extra time to a montage at a rate of $20 per added minute. 

You can mix and match to meet the limit: 10 photos are equal to one source video. So, if you have more of one or the other, not to worry!

You can upgrade or downgrade packages at any time.

What We Do

Our goal is to compile all those photos and videos you've taken of your family and find the most memorable moments: the first steps, the winning goal, the belly laughs. You'll know that your media is being curated a human, not a robot!

We'll professionally edit it all, add music, timeline markers, a little creative flair, and you'll have a perfect compilation video within a week.

How to Get Started

All you have to do is upload your media to a link we'll provide after purchase. We'll walk you through it all, don't worry. You can tell us anything special you would like to include through phone, during checkout, or email ( Leave the rest up to us!

Your finished product will be a perfectly shareable, absolutely adorable, talk-of-the-town compilation video. We deliver it to you via a private Dropbox link, which you can share immediately with friends or pass along to any other streaming site (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc). 

Not sure what it's like to have a professional family video produced just for you? See what our clients are saying!


General Concerns:

Q: My media and my family are a little private to me. Are you going to share this?

A: We do not share any of your footage or finished video. Footage is only viewed by the editor in charge of the video. If we would like to share your video for promotional purposes, we will contact you directly!  

Upload Process

Q: How do I get my media to you?

A: We offer several options. First, we'll send you a private upload link for all your files. This link allows you to upload from anywhere (phone, computer, tablet, cloud, you name it). Second, you can also share a folder with us on a website where you already have the files in the cloud. Last, we can always send you a flash drive by mail if you have a lot of media, or if you have unreliable internet. We'll make it work!

Q: I have a LOT of media. Do I have to sift through and find the best stuff for you?

A: We know it's a hassle to go through all that media, so we'd like to do the heavy lifting for you. If you purchase our Deluxe package or Unlimited package, we'll do all the sifting for you. 

Q: Will you be able to include all of my media?

A: While we review all of your media, we only select the perfect pictures and clips (so you don't have to) to compile into a montage video. For our Starter and Family packages, we can usually fit most media that we receive. For our Deluxe and Unlimited packages, we'll sift through to find the cream of the crop.

Editing and Revisions

Q: What if I have a few changes to suggest after receiving the video?

A: We're happy to make minor changes following delivery of the finished video. We want to get it just right.

Q: How do I receive the final product?

A: We'll provide a private streaming link to a Dropbox-hosted video. From there, you can either share the link directly, or you can share however you'd like (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook). We also highly recommend our USB Keepsake Folio - these montages deserve a special presentation.