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Here at GrandVideo, we grew up watching ESPN. We dreamed of getting featured on SportsCenter's top plays, and we wanted our little league championship games immortalized in top quality video.

We know how to craft a narrative of a game, of a season, or of that buzzer-beating shot. With your media, we'll capture those moments and make your kid or your team the ultimate highlight video. All you have to do is upload your media to us and give us a little guidance. We'll add music, effects, titles and more to tell the best story. We're not kidding when we say we'll make this feel like TV!

For group, team and league discounts for multiple videos, just contact us at Please read the Additional Info and our FAQ before choosing a package.

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Basic Package

Without the "Stats" and "ESPN-Like Voiceover" Add-Ons, we'll still throw in titles to frame the game: "Bottom of the 6th", "Jacob at the Plate", "2 Minutes Left on the Clock." Don't worry, we'll still throw a narrative to the game!


  • I have raw footage of every game of the season. Will you be able to work with this?

Our Ultimate Highlight Reel package assumes that you have a variety of clips from a certain game or season (between five minutes and two hours of media). If you have more than two hours of footage, contact us separately at and we'll figure out a custom package for you!

  • What's the turnaround time on a highlight video?

We guarantee that a highlight video will be complete within 10 days of the file upload. If you're working on a tight timeframe, email us!

  • Media from the game is spread out across a couple different people and devices. Can you work with this?

Yes! We will provide you with a shareable upload link. Any parent from your team with media can upload files to the link, and we'll stitch together the best media! We totally recommend getting a few other parents involved.

  • How do you find the right moments?

After purchase, you'll receive a custom email where you can help us know what to look out for. We'll ask for any game or player stats, any crucial moments from the game, as well as the uniform number of your kid if necessary. We'll always let you suggest revisions until we get your video just right!